How to make customized video brochure gift box?
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How to make customized video brochure gift box?

To make a customized video brochure gift box, you will need the following materials and tools:


- Video brochure module

- Cardboard box

- Printed custom design for the box

- Foam or sponge

- USB cable and charger

- Optional: additional items for the gift box (e.g. small gifts, cards)


- Scissors or box cutter

- Glue or double-sided tape

- Ruler

- Pencil

Here are the steps to make the custom video brochure gift box:

1.  Measure the dimensions of the video brochure module and the cardboard box.  Use the ruler and a pencil to mark the measurements on the box.

2.  Use the box cutter or scissors to cut the cardboard box according to the measurements.

3.  Wrap the cardboard box with the printed custom design to cover all sides.

4.  Use glue or double-sided tape to secure the design in place.

5.  Cut the foam or sponge to fit the size of the video brochure module.

6.  Place the video brochure module on top of the foam or sponge, and then place it inside the cardboard box.

7.  Connect the USB cable and charger to the video brochure module.

8.  Optional: add small gifts or cards inside the box.

9.  Close the box and your video brochure gift box is now ready to give.

Keep in mind that this is just a basic guide to making a custom video brochure gift box.  You can personalize and modify the design according to your own preferences and needs. 

These are just simple steps to make DIY video gift box, if you need to make high quality customized video box for your business, wedding, or holiday gift, welcome to contact us to get nice sample!