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Ultra-thin hd 7 inch digital photo frame display support calendar music video images

Products overview:
This is a 7 inch digital photo frame, is also a hd advertising machine. Use 7 inch hd LED digital screen, 800 x480 resolution.
Main functions:
Music and pictures synchronous playback function, supports 90% format video playback, separate music playback function, clock and calendar function. And it has a timer switch machine function, this is a good design, you can set a day when switched on, what time shut down, either as a picture frame, or advertising machine, it is a good choice.

Storage interface: support SD, MMC, MS, XD, the largest up to 32 gb;
Image formats: JPEG/JPG.
Sound format: MP3;
: by synching up put pictures while seeding music;
Movie formats: directly supports AVI (limited XVID and DIVX code), the VOB file (DVD), DAT (VCD), MPG, MPEG, MPEG1, MPEG2, other doesn't directly support any format conversion can give computer software;
Built-in speaker: about two speakers;
Headphone output: direct insert, headphones or receive stereo;
Repetitive patterns: single file, directory, all files;
Browse slide show for 5 seconds to 30 minutes interval is adjustable, a variety of image transition effects;
Rotating fast-forward: movie playback speed can be high fast forward retreat quickly;
Display style: widescreen or automatic scaling and image deformation;
LCD control: brightness, contrast can be manually adjusted;
Calendar time: full screen alone big time display interface, calendar display interface;
Alarm clock: can set up a set of alarm clock time, classic bell;
Automatic switch: to set up a set of automatic start, automatic shutdown time;
Language selection: the Chinese/English bilingual version/Britain, France, Germany, Italy, west, Portugal, the Netherlands, g8 language versions, the Chinese/English bilingual) (the default configuration

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