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infrared induction human body induction video CARDS shelves advertising machine 10 inch video CARDS

Video greeting card/digital CARDS/video/MP4 / advertising machine card card card/LCD greeting card/'t a MP5 CARDS
It will be the combination of traditional paper card and electronic screen harmony more creative and all-round close to human senses! Can be used as a invited han, conference advertisement card, remember, greeting card, video card signature card trade fair, business gifts, opening ceremony, anniversary celebrations, public relations planning, awards as a souvenir, employee benefits in short can be used as a simple video greeting CARDS can also be used to do advertising CARDS.

10 inch display memory size: 128 m - 8 g

2. Broadcast way: keys play/magnetic control
3. Change video/no change (other special features customized according to customer's request)
Finished product (4 CARDS CARDS finished size: A6 size A4, A5, name card)

* video formats: wav
* the speaker: 1 * 8 Ω 0.5 W
* the battery: 350 mah rechargeable lithium batteries
* USB interface: used for charging and copy files
A product with a bubble bag, four products in a box, suitable for the number of a carton
Single product net weight: 115 g

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